Founding Project: Love to Live 2002

The first event which was a huge success was held at the Protea Sports Centre on the 2nd & 3rd March 2002. The main focus of the event was suicide prevention. However local NGO's also gave free advice on dealing with stress and drug dependence. It is believed that these two factors may have contributed to the upsurge of suicides among school going youth.

Love to Live 2003

Love to Live 2003 was held at the Protea Sports Centre on the 3rd & 4th May 2003. For this event the focus on suicide prevention continued, although a stronger emphasis was placed on HIV/AIDS education and prevention strategies, substance abuse and other relevant social issues pertaining to improving mental health. Local NGO’s giving free advice and counselling on dealing with stress and substance abuse marked the two-day event. Local schools embraced the event by participating in the various sporting codes, talent contests and other events, relaying a message of suicide prevention and a healthy and drug-free lifestyle to the youngsters. National Radio Station, Lotus FM broadcasted live from the venue and increased the awareness level of the campaign locally and nationally.

Love to Live 2003

Love to Live 2004

Love to Live 2004 was held at the Northdale Stadium on the 6th & 7th March 2004. Despite the rain, there was a highly enthusiastic response from the public. Local schools again embraced the event in a strong way. A secondary objective of Love to Live emerged as the raising of much-needed funds for local schools. Considering the majority of schools in the area are historically disadvantaged, fundraising is a welcome benefit to them. The Love to Live Fun Run held on Sunday, 7th March at the Northdale Stadium attracted about 6000 participants, and raised an amount exceeding R160 000 for participating schools, with individual schools raising amounts of up to R22 000.

Love to Live 2005

Many months of planning and hard work culminated in an even bigger and better Love to Live 2005 which was held on the 7th & 8th May 2005 at the Protea Sports Centre. Many local NGO’s including Lifeline, SANCA, Mental Health Society, PAFTA, AA and Narcotics Anonymous participated in the campaign by providing valuable information to the public. There was a huge increase and improvement in the quality of learner presentations, which elevated the edufair aspect of the campaign. There was also a huge increase in participation in the Love to Live fun run, which raised an amount of R260,000 for participating schools.

Love to Live 2004

Love to Live 2006

Love To Live 2006 Participants

A successful Love To Live 2006 was held on the 6th and 7th May 2006. Picture are scenes from the event and Education MEC Ina Cronje congratulating some of the winners of the Love To Live fun run.

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